Charles E. Brake:  The Construction of an American Dream

Charles E. Brake, who had grown to manhood in St. Thomas, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, was one of many small-town entrepreneurs across the land that caught the winds of change and moved with them to take America into the transportation age.  With his family by his side, Charles founded a company that would, in its successful 88-year run, accomplish far more than anything he could have imagined.   In so doing, he constructed his own American Dream and left a proud legacy of public works and community service for generations of Brakes to come.

Read the story of hard work and perseverance . . .

I was surprised, not pleasantly, to learn by your letter of January 16 (1947) that I still owe $1,000 on my new shovel. . . .


Full Letter

. . . .Children's Village of Washington County wish[es] to express our sincere thanks for your very generous donation of use of equipment, . . .


Full Letter

In 2010 the Charles E. Brake logo was registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office specifically for philanthropic purposes

Registration Approval

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