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St. Thomas, Pennsylvania

Available by Appointment


View our video about the Company's history, and see photos only available in the Gallery
Starting in 1924 with Charles' First Dump Truck


View our introductory video to learn about the triumphs and challenges of building a successful excavation company (and later a transportation business) in the 1900's and into the early 2000's.  See our interactive media display of antique construction equipment, our 75th Anniversary Celebration, employee photos, and construction site photos available only at Gallery 88.

Group Visits
Students are always Welcome!


Learn about the hard work and perseverance that it took to build a successful multi-generational excavating and transportation business.

Come experience the building of a successful excavation and transportation business first-hand!

A Peek at What You Will Experience
We Look Forward to Seeing You!
Not shown here, and waiting for your visit:  The Couch where Charles used to sit and visit after he retired, the Board Room, the CEO's office, and a working desk complete with antique office equipment
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